An introduction to Majan Novel

Short novel written by Reza Shahpasand, is a narrative of a retired teacher who reviews his past memories in his mind during the ups and downs of his life.

The writer tried to analyze the present status of teachers in the society in the form of a romance with a critical view.

"Majan Novel" was published by Daneshvaran Rashid Publisher in 1396 having a circulation of 1000 copies. During the first two weeks of its publication, it was noticed greatly by the readers especially teachers.

In a part of this novel we read:

"Morning rain gave a special refreshment to the air and the newly-burn flowers just like brides, smiled beautifully and happily because of this blooming and invited the bridegroom of the look to the cabin of beauty. But Ardalan's eyes didn’t see all these things. Because the eye is a gate of the heart and the eye is better to be closed while the heart is tired…"

Another part:

"he liked novels and read fast but he/she smelled Dolatabadi's works word by word, thought deeply, tasted its nectar and analyzed it slowly in his/her hungry mind of knowledge.

Writer: Reza Shahpasand


Translator: M. Saffarin

/ 4 نظر / 76 بازدید

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