Internal treasure

A strange contradiction is observable in people's life nowadays. Despite the great progress in knowledge and technology which brings comfort for human beings, today's man doesn’t feel lucky too much.

Not so long ago, while sunset, people have to spend the night using gleam of the old lamps. But today, by means of Electricity, not only their nights become brighter than days but also they have fun using internet and the satellite over late at night. In spite of all these, they haven’t much peace of mind. 



This question can be analyzed and answered from different views.

But from writer's view, this contradiction maybe due to the lack of coordination of external and internal changes.

We didn’t notice our internal changes as much as we pay attention to the development of our environment.

We think about conquering space but we ignore conquering summits of humanity. 

In the past, there were Bloodshed, war and oppression by means of elementary tools and nothing changes today in this regard. Only its speed and spread increase. Why?

Because in spite of the Development and development of civilizations and technology, humanity and Altruism haven’t developed unfortunately,

The writer doesn’t aim to show black and doesn’t want to ignore the existence of moral virtues in different societies. The problem is that the internal changes in humans aren’t in accordance with external changes.


We didn’t notice our calmness as much as we pay attention to our prosperity. Because calmness is a result of positive internal changes.


Growing good morals and closeness to Allah will lead to human beings' real calmness.

As it is said:

Remember that hearts calm through God's remembrance.

There is a treasure in human being which its discovery changes the world into a Golestan (garden).


A treasure full of Altruism, Pearl of Efaf, Emerald of affection, Love and hundreds of other brilliant gems which are obtained only when you are a Gemologist.



Writer: Reza Shahpasand


Translator: M. Saffarin




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